1. Blindfolded


  2. At the window

    At the window

  3. Café au lait

    Café au lait

  4. Playgirls


  5. Sun kissed

    Sun kissed

  6. Modeling


  7. Tough night

    Tough night

  8. Reflection


  9. Fun run

    Fun run

    Not sure if the run is fun, or there was fun before the run. Genesis 9
  10. Peppa at the beach

    Peppa at the beach

    The first G9F character from Mousso
  11. The tavern - Would-I...

    The tavern - Would-I...

    ... start to drink beer? Probably, if that's what she is offering.
  12. Le Tour

    Le Tour

    Just wondering why sports photographers never use a wide-angled lens...
  13. She made an impression

    She made an impression

  14. Watering the horse

    Watering the horse

  15. Anouk in the city

    Anouk in the city

    More balance between Daz Studio renders and Photoshop post work.
  16. We have to stop meeting like this

    We have to stop meeting like this

    EDIT: I replaced the image and used the new neural filter Depth blur (beta) in Photoshop in the new version; pretty handy when using HDRI as background.
  17. Walking in the rain

    Walking in the rain

    Featuring: Berseh Me playing around with HDRI in Daz Studio, before adding some familiar Photoshop tricks to the render.
  18. Something with a car, she said..

    Something with a car, she said..

    Featuring: Berseh 8.1 version 38b
  19. The next morning

    The next morning

  20. untitled BW

    untitled BW

    If anyone can think of a fitting title?
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