1. Bloom in detention.jpg

    Bloom in detention.jpg

    Request created by Retornodelmaster
  2. Rarity punished.jpg

    Rarity punished.jpg

    Request created by amunsteel
  3. Little dragon punished by his mother.jpg

    Little dragon punished by his mother.jpg

    Commission created by BrownPaperDude
  4. Doubles X team punished.jpg

    Doubles X team punished.jpg

    Request created by Mar-mou-set
  5. Nina punished.jpg

    Nina punished.jpg

    Request created by Retornodelmaster
  6. Riders neutralized.jpg

    Riders neutralized.jpg

    Request created by knightdreams22
  7. Witches punished.jpg

    Witches punished.jpg

    Request created by davidender
  8. Praxina punishment.jpg

    Praxina punishment.jpg

    Request created by davidender
  9. Witches bimbos.jpg

    Witches bimbos.jpg

    Request created by acemanelik
  10. Ariel punishing Melody.jpg

    Ariel punishing Melody.jpg

    Request created by Kathylovesnatsuki
  11. Akko clumsy.jpg

    Akko clumsy.jpg

    Request created by AxmanMen
  12. Little dragon punishing Bianca.jpg

    Little dragon punishing Bianca.jpg

    Commission created by BadPuck
  13. Robyn punished.jpg

    Robyn punished.jpg

    Commission created by BadPuck
  14. Rebel students in detention.jpg

    Rebel students in detention.jpg

    Artwork created by amunsteel
  15. Eloise and Samira punished.jpg

    Eloise and Samira punished.jpg

    Artwork created by BadPuck
  16. Lila punished.jpg

    Lila punished.jpg

    Artwork created by Anti-MagicSkirt
  17. Chloe punished.jpg

    Chloe punished.jpg

    Artwork created by CottonKeyStrokes
  18. Chloe and Zoey punished.jpg

    Chloe and Zoey punished.jpg

    Artwork created by acemanelik
  19. Mary punished.jpg

    Mary punished.jpg

    Artwork created by JosefuJostur
  20. Molly punished.jpg

    Molly punished.jpg

    Artwork created by amunsteel
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