1. Clara 01

    Clara 01

  2. Bettie Page Pinup

    Bettie Page Pinup

  3. Adriana


    Pinup of Adriana Lima
  4. Amari 02

    Amari 02

  5. Good morning sunshine.

    Good morning sunshine.

    A lot of poser and octane for poser ,a little bit of AI improvement (hair and face and all mixed up and finished in Photoshop .
  6. On holiday with Olivia

    On holiday with Olivia

    Playing photographer simulator.
  7. Olivia


    As nutritious as a bag of Cheetos and just as delicious.
  8. Hello there!

    Hello there!

    Smiles on 3D characters are hard.
  9. Intensity


    Nothin' fancy.
  10. Oasis


    Are you real or just a mirage? Beckoning me to escape the unforgiving rays of the sun. Like a siren luring sailors into treacherous waters, you have me under your spell and I cannot, will not resist.
  11. Clouds


  12. BW one light

    BW one light

  13. Look up

    Look up

  14. BW - Rain

    BW - Rain

  15. The milky way

    The milky way

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