1. A bed hair day

    A bed hair day

  2. Greetings


  3. Natural


  4. Playgirls


  5. Morning rituals

    Morning rituals

    A variation on 'Morning tea' from some time ago.
  6. Buck Rogers

    Buck Rogers

    Buck goes to the aid of a downed pilot. Let's hope Wilma doesn't find out.....šŸ˜‰ Loads more of my stuff here, if you're interested. https://www.patreon.com/user?u=5536470
  7. Not too close

    Not too close

    Until I'm tired of B/W again.
  8. Some disciplinary action required

    Some disciplinary action required

    You have a cat? Then you know.
  9. Getting Together

    Getting Together

    Copyright Ā© Servus Venandi. All rights reserved. Holiday leftovers.
  10. Waiting for the Auction

    Waiting for the Auction

    Foreign Ports
  11. On the Fence

    On the Fence

    Not really indecisive though
  12. Vintage Vampire

    Vintage Vampire

    There is a story of course, don't you see it?
  13. Watching the Dawn

    Watching the Dawn

    Early to rise
  14. Enjoying the Sun (stereoscopic)

    Enjoying the Sun (stereoscopic)

    Exploring steroscopy
  15. 100 Watchers

    100 Watchers

    Wow! Just wow!
  16. Midnight Laison

    Midnight Laison

    Stolen Pleasures
  17. Reese


    Mousso's Reese.
  18. Metti


    Metti - an italian verb meaning to put or place an item
  19. Ray of Hope

    Ray of Hope

    Playing with dust and bloom
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