1. Race Night.jpg

    Race Night.jpg

    If your going to be the start girl at race night, be sure to bring your bra. Or you will ruin everything.
  2. 2005 Ford Mustang small.jpg

    2005 Ford Mustang small.jpg

    Tracy was very excited about the return of the muscle car. When growing up her dad had a Mustang and wanted one of her own. Here she is now with her 2005 Mustang. She and her dad can now cruise together in style.
  3. 1992 BMW 850i small.jpg

    1992 BMW 850i small.jpg

    Low on gas, prices to high, what is Amy ever going to do. Well its Tod's 1992 BMW 850i! He can just come on the bus and buy more gas. Thank god she took his flip phone. And he better not keep her waiting!
  4. 1981 Pontiac Trans Am small.jpg

    1981 Pontiac Trans Am small.jpg

    Buffy knew where her dad kept the keys to his pride and joy, a 1981 Pontiac Trans Am. And with him away on a company retreat what would it hurt to borrow it for the day. After all girls just wanna have fun.
  5. 1971 Plymouth Barracuda small.jpg

    1971 Plymouth Barracuda small.jpg

    She has her bandana top, she has her bell bottoms and a car from the last year of the true muscle area. The 1971 Plymouth Barracuda or to be more precise the Hemi Cuda.
  6. 1965 VW Bus small.jpg

    1965 VW Bus small.jpg

    Moon Beam stopping in a small town on her way to San Francisco. Her 1965 VW Bus is still wearing the oppressed livery of the man but she will take care of that once she gets her mind floating in the house of Venus. It all groovy man..... peace.....
  7. 1957 Chev Bel Air small.jpg

    1957 Chev Bel Air small.jpg

    Tiffany has taken her dad's Bel Air (shhh don't tell anyone) to the drive in after school. God, she hopes Tommy is here. He's so dreamy.
  8. 1943 Chevy Pickup small.jpg

    1943 Chevy Pickup small.jpg

    Emma taking a time out to freshen her makeup before heading back to the factory. You got to look your best when doing your part for the war effort.
  9. 1932 Ford B 400 small.jpg

    1932 Ford B 400 small.jpg

    Bonny standing by a 1932 Ford B 300 for a certain man to finish what he has to do at the bank. He's likely only making a deposit.
  10. 1921 Citroen 5HP small.jpg

    1921 Citroen 5HP small.jpg

    Ah Gabrielle. Out with her 1921 Citroen Boat Tail, collecting her girl friends for a night at the Moulin Rouge. Bit of a John Deere thing going with the paint.
  11. 1916 Ford T Speedster small.jpg

    1916 Ford T Speedster small.jpg

    Here we have Giselle at the lake in a 1816 Ford T Speedster. You know something just dawned on me. I really should have had each model in bathing suits of the area of the car, Are you proud of me! Only tool me 7 years to figure that out.
  12. 1906 Renault V1 small.jpg

    1906 Renault V1 small.jpg

    Thought I might jump on board with a few car images I made way back in 2014. Might not post them all; some are rather bad composition, lighting. Here we have Effy with her 1906 Renault V1, showing off her arms in that slutty swim suit. What would her mother think,
  13. Nymph.jpg


  14. Mans best friend.jpg

    Mans best friend.jpg

    Yes, there are two calendars this year. The ladies of my family wanted one for them. Not sure if this will happen again. Men are hard! I learned that if you try to do a male pinup, the character just ends up looking like a douche bag. So I had to have them doing stuff as if someone just took a photo
  15. Naga.jpg


  16. Morning Coffee.jpg

    Morning Coffee.jpg

  17. Mermaid.jpg


  18. Last Load.jpg

    Last Load.jpg

  19. Rainy Day Blues SFWs.jpg

    Rainy Day Blues SFWs.jpg

    Last one from the 2020 calendar.
  20. Rainy Day Blues NSFWs.jpg

    Rainy Day Blues NSFWs.jpg

    Last one from the 2020 calendar.
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