1. Comic Teaser: Potion Problems

    Comic Teaser: Potion Problems

    Teaser for my newest comic, Potion Problems! The full story of 110 renders can be downloaded from here: https://mercymagnet.gumroad.com/l/potion-problems
  2. Comic Teaser: LARP - Part 1

    Comic Teaser: LARP - Part 1

    My newest comic is available for download! It can be found here: https://mercymagnet.gumroad.com/l/larp-1 Above is a teaser image from the series. --- Follow my work and support my art subscribe: https://subscribestar.adult/mercymagnet comics: https://mercymagnet.gumroad.com/
  3. Wealth Power & Politics.jpg

    Wealth Power & Politics.jpg

    Job Interview. Those that are not beautiful, educated and willing to accept daily harassment from their superior male bosses need not apply. And they must also be completely naked during the interview to be fully physically judged as well.
  4. His new purchase

    His new purchase

  5. Everyday life 02

    Everyday life 02

  6. German Slave Girls for Rome

    German Slave Girls for Rome

    They fought as warriors, they ended up as slaves
  7. Serena good girl 2c

    Serena good girl 2c

  8. Serena good girl 2b

    Serena good girl 2b

  9. Serena good girl

    Serena good girl

  10. Serena by the river 4

    Serena by the river 4

  11. Serena the dishonest servant

    Serena the dishonest servant

  12. Everyday life 01

    Everyday life 01

  13. The night before the battle

    The night before the battle

  14. The wanderer

    The wanderer

  15. Damsel in distress 4

    Damsel in distress 4

  16. Morality police (in the snow)

    Morality police (in the snow)

  17. As it pleases you

    As it pleases you

  18. The fate of agitators

    The fate of agitators

  19. Toon shower

    Toon shower

  20. Harvest


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