1. Twilight Encounter

    Twilight Encounter

  2. Naked And Savage

    Naked And Savage

  3. Morning Glory

    Morning Glory

    Playing with Linday's 'Soft Classic Hair'
  4. Out In The Wilderness

    Out In The Wilderness

  5. Defiant


  6. Playful Posing In The Garden

    Playful Posing In The Garden

  7. Cathy's Garden Time

    Cathy's Garden Time

  8. Gettin' Stormy

    Gettin' Stormy

    Thinkun 'bout going south before the winter
  9. Escape Through The Swamp

    Escape Through The Swamp

  10. Marooned Girl

    Marooned Girl

  11. Sara In The Woods

    Sara In The Woods

  12. Not Her Best Day

    Not Her Best Day

  13. Ritual


  14. Villa Girl

    Villa Girl

  15. Misty Morning Girl

    Misty Morning Girl

    Still experimenting with the hammer girl ;-)
  16. A Path Less Traveled

    A Path Less Traveled

    It always takes more time on the way back
  17. Target Of Opportunity

    Target Of Opportunity

  18. The Rock Pool

    The Rock Pool

    Keepin' in practice ;-)
  19. Riverside


    Playing with props and poses for the fun of it
  20. carpe momentum

    carpe momentum

    Experimenting with cloth dForce hair
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