1. Modern Samurai

    Modern Samurai

    Alternate version of my OC Rori
  2. The Huntress

    The Huntress

    Satila is a Pen & Paper Character. She can turn into a mighty Werebeast and hunts Monsters for living. Her beastly nature is a thing she tries to keep under control
  3. Don't Interrupt me... 02

    Don't Interrupt me... 02

    Poser render and Gimp postwork
  4. Commando-Soldier


  5. Amalia warrior prisoner.jpg

    Amalia warrior prisoner.jpg

    Artwork created by Hare-Bound and colorization made by BadPuck
  6. Victory


    Made this for a contest on DA, the theme is "Barbarians"
  7. Bearer of the RuneSword

    Bearer of the RuneSword

    Beware She who bears the RuneBlade.
  8. Lunambyra and Iryndelle

    Lunambyra and Iryndelle

  9. Longsword


    Copyright © Servus Venandi.
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