1. Elrola - Lady of the Lake.jpg

    Elrola - Lady of the Lake.jpg

  2. Bridge Toll

    Bridge Toll

    Poser render and Gimp postwork
  3. Bearer of the RuneSword

    Bearer of the RuneSword

    Beware She who bears the RuneBlade.
  4. Free Swords.jpg

    Free Swords.jpg

  5. Beauty and the Blade.jpg

    Beauty and the Blade.jpg

    Nothing special about this one. I wanted a new wallpaper, so asked Raukshasa to model for me. Unlike Rondrîya, she never complains about modelling nude. She had only one condition: She wanted to bring her sabre with her. Well, she loves her blade ...
  6. Moon


    Done for OC-tober challenge
  7. Longsword


    Copyright © Servus Venandi.
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