1. Girl With Dog

    Girl With Dog

  2. Portrait Catherine

    Portrait Catherine

  3. Catherine Portrait

    Catherine Portrait

  4. Catherine


    I felt like doing a simple portrait of Catherine. I was indspired by a number of pictures I saw online, so thank you for that unknown photographic artists. Catherine is a Project Evolution character I made last year. As always, it pays to have a look at the full sized version.
  5. Velazquez 2125

    Velazquez 2125

    Venus in outer space orbit.
  6. Visit Arizona

    Visit Arizona

    I reworked a pin-up picture I did on DA a while ago into a proper tourist Arizona poster. The Bel Air 57 is from www.dmi-3d.net. Following advice/critique from @Ehliasys I've subdivided the headlights. Feel free to use it on the walls of your scenes (But give me a heads-up when you do so)
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