1. Light-Ning in the Alley #1

    Light-Ning in the Alley #1

    *Earlier that evening...* Light-Ning; "Oh boy, another one of you darn perverted Whack ninjas! Seems like most times lately I prowl into a darkened back-alley, BAM! I run into one or more of you guys. Well, I won't be taken so easily... This time!" Ninja; "You'll be a great 'toy' to Whack to!"
  2. Batgirl at your Service.

    Batgirl at your Service.

    "Batgirl, at your service." đź’– ~ As per a request from a fan of my art who wanted to see if I could make a version of Batgirl for my art (and that I could then also make some sexy art of her).
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