1. His new purchase

    His new purchase

  2. Alexander's Spoils of War

    Alexander's Spoils of War

  3. Holidays' Shopping

    Holidays' Shopping

    It's the time of year when people obtain gifts for others. Gifts made by your order by your slaves are highly appreciated, but not everyone owns the desired talent — so visit the famous Covered Arcade's Holidays Market!
  4. Trade Post on the Silk road

    Trade Post on the Silk road

  5. Last drow in stock

    Last drow in stock

    Follow my work and support my art subscribe: https://subscribestar.adult/mercymagnet comics: https://mercymagnet.gumroad.com/
  6. Perils of Time Travel

    Perils of Time Travel

    A famous Popstar discovers the reality of slavery in ancient times
  7. Slave Market II

    Slave Market II

  8. Clearance Sale

    Clearance Sale

    Moving house, some things have to be sold
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