1. Happy 2024!

    Happy 2024!

  2. selfbondageprison0formant0_en_hd_gl_by_0formant0_dg7lt38.jpg


    Selfbondage Prison cover for the third volume of the Selfbondage Playbook for https://selfbondage-shop.com The text is by me and has nothing to do with the product (apart from the name popping up) Formant artbooks: formant.gumroad.com Formant subscribe: subscribestar.adult/formant-kinky-artist ht
  3. Road construction duties

    Road construction duties

    It's difficult for Barbara to do hard labor, let alone in shackles under the scorching sun.
  4. Amalia sequestered.jpg

    Amalia sequestered.jpg

    Artwork created by NatCanDo
  5. Ellely warrior prisoner.jpg

    Ellely warrior prisoner.jpg

    Artwork created by Hare-Bound and colorization made by BadPuck
  6. Cell High Up Ye Artistes Torr

    Cell High Up Ye Artistes Torr

    Five Days Now in the Sky Cell… how much longer?
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