1. Butterflies


    My OC
  2. Too confident, mr. Vale

    Too confident, mr. Vale

    A redraw of an old work
  3. Per ignem ad sole

    Per ignem ad sole

    (The title means "Through the fire to the sun")
  4. Cindy Enslaved

    Cindy Enslaved

    Cindy enslaved and ready to be trained
  5. Viona thank you

    Viona thank you

    An image of Viona appreciating your attention
  6. Summer boys

    Summer boys

    Just a summer pic featuring some of my male OCs
  7. The worst patient ever

    The worst patient ever

    The illustration for my book "Made of flesh/Made of iron"
  8. Moon


    Done for OC-tober challenge
  9. Tan


    Done for OC-tober challenge
  10. Andrjey Lovech

    Andrjey Lovech

    One of "character posters" for my OCs of the "Made of flesh/Made of iron" series.
  11. Ford


    Done for oc_tober challenge
  12. Scales


    Done for oc_tober challenge
  13. Good boi

    Good boi

    My OCs - Ray and Alexandra - and Alexandra`s firebeast Neerou
  14. Rain (2020 version)

    Rain (2020 version)

    The new version (the 5th so far) of one of my favorite illustration Christian Blackthorne/Ray van Oggenberg is my OC
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