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  2. 02814-3879262732.0-.jpg


  3. Have you fire for me ?

    Have you fire for me ?

    Poser render
  4. CorporateSlaves ShockingCircumstances 0formant_en_HD.jpg

    CorporateSlaves ShockingCircumstances 0formant_en_HD.jpg

    Extended cover artwork for Melissa DuVant's @MduVant patron inspired novel "Corporate Slaves: The Inheritance"
  5. Interview Mistress

    Interview Mistress

    A casual interview with a new recruit.
  6. OfficeAmbiguity goes Marvelous Designer

    OfficeAmbiguity goes Marvelous Designer

    Teaser for chapter 6 of Office Ambiguity and a technical preview of my work with MD
  7. Chair Is Free

    Chair Is Free

  8. OfficeAmbiguity55Tease.jpg


    Teaser for the later parts of the series Office Ambiguity
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