1. Lanira


    Before anyone asks: it's not!
  2. Billie preview.png

    Billie preview.png

    my new model. i tried to create Billie Eilish. There's not a hundred percent similarity, but it's more or less the same. And yes, like all my other characters, she is waiting for... Well, americans have a separate category called "game over girls.)
  3. Everything?


  4. Posing


    Another 3D and HDRI integration
  5. Studio chair

    Studio chair

    Playing with lights in DS
  6. The merits of being a noble woman

    The merits of being a noble woman

  7. Sexcountess


    The 12th Viscountess Gwynned found a new hoby
  8. Modelling gig in Venice

    Modelling gig in Venice

    A peculiar HDRI where the light source does not match the shadow of the buildings.
  9. Curves


    2017 scene, re-rendered Nov 2020
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