1. Talia release technique.jpg

    Talia release technique.jpg

    Artwork created by amunsteel
  2. Zia kidnapped.jpg

    Zia kidnapped.jpg

    Artwork created by YamiDarkness1989
  3. Laura immobilized.jpg

    Laura immobilized.jpg

    Artwork created by firagamon
  4. Elisabeth drowned.png

    Elisabeth drowned.png

    Artwork created by Robukun
  5. Bringa desperate.jpg

    Bringa desperate.jpg

    Artwork created by RAYDO94
  6. Elisabeth disappointed.jpg

    Elisabeth disappointed.jpg

    Artwork created by BadPuck
  7. Laura punished.jpg

    Laura punished.jpg

    Artwork created by Panthers07
  8. Laura's revenge.jpg

    Laura's revenge.jpg

    Artwork created by Cesaru33
  9. A Little Grungy Today

    A Little Grungy Today

    Daz -> Blender -> Rendered in Cycles, no postwork. Grunge Wall by Aeon-Soul -> Love their stuff, good quality assets. This was an old 2011 model that I re-textured in Blender. Thinking of doing a short series, this will be one of two characters. Enjoy!
  10. Jessie - Close Up

    Jessie - Close Up

    Second render of Jessie sleeping in. Rendered in Blender cycles with a LUT applied in Gimp. Lots of shaping and sculpting, look forward to improving those skills.
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