1. Ready


  2. Next to her

    Next to her

  3. Chickywawa


    Every self-respecting celebrity is supposed to have a little pet. As seen on social media. Therefore @berseh is entitled to her own chickywawa.
  4. Fanny on bench

    Fanny on bench

    Fanny is a female name in Swedish. Rendered with Daz Studio Iray. 2560 x 1440 wallpaper size available at Deviantart.
  5. Rozy on stage

    Rozy on stage

    Another render with the same stage scene. Rozy doing some erotic dancing. Rendered with Daz Studio Iray.
  6. Tatiana


    Rendered with Daz Studio Iray. A bit of tweaking with Photoshop. 16:9 image ratio.
  7. Bedroom Princess

    Bedroom Princess

    Perhaps just some cosplay ... or perhaps she wants to play naughty games. Rendered with Daz Studio Iray. 2:3 image ratio.
  8. Just her legs

    Just her legs

  9. Not strectch enough?!

    Not strectch enough?!

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