1. Lion's Queen

    Lion's Queen

    Poser render and Gimp post work
  2. Chun-Li neutralized.jpg

    Chun-Li neutralized.jpg

    Request created by F0xyartist
  3. Marooned Girl

    Marooned Girl

  4. Danse du poisson d'avril

    Danse du poisson d'avril

    An old custom of the indigenous Flongs…
  5. A Path Less Traveled

    A Path Less Traveled

    It always takes more time on the way back
  6. Intercultural communication

    Intercultural communication

    Some of my work from 2017
  7. In the Ruins

    In the Ruins

    I hope you enjoy this! Lots more of my stuff is available here: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=5536470 😊
  8. Jungle Girl Jodi

    Jungle Girl Jodi

    Still experimenting with the jungle girl theme
  9. Hot Instagramer in The Lake (By Mitru).jpg

    Hot Instagramer in The Lake (By Mitru).jpg

  10. Lost In The Jungle

    Lost In The Jungle

    I'm working on a jungle pathway scene, made with simple props kit-bashed from various sets.
  11. The run 4.jpg

    The run 4.jpg

  12. The run 3.jpg

    The run 3.jpg

  13. The run 2.jpg

    The run 2.jpg

  14. The run.jpg

    The run.jpg

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