1. Bad taste.png

    Bad taste.png

    a stereotype is unfortunately most often an archetype.
  2. If  Billie Eilish was a rock star..jpg

    If Billie Eilish was a rock star..jpg

    I hope the body positives don't finish me off)
  3. Karen-0001


    Yes, Ma'am, my body is at your disposal. I will obey your wishes with no limitations whatsoever. I can stand pain for quite a while and I am well trained in providing pleasure to my users.
  4. Billie preview.png

    Billie preview.png

    my new model. i tried to create Billie Eilish. There's not a hundred percent similarity, but it's more or less the same. And yes, like all my other characters, she is waiting for... Well, americans have a separate category called "game over girls.)
  5. The Huntress

    The Huntress

    Satila is a Pen & Paper Character. She can turn into a mighty Werebeast and hunts Monsters for living. Her beastly nature is a thing she tries to keep under control
  6. Claire-Joseph-20230306.jpg


    This is Claire, she is an Agent of Aphrodisia. What type of special combat skill do you think she would have? What type of special sexual skill do you think she would have?
  7. Asi-Nine


  8. Private Show

    Private Show

    Poser characters in a Poser render
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