1. Last Stand

    Last Stand

    Poser render and Gimp post work
  2. Troublemakers love going out and starting fights

    Troublemakers love going out and starting fights

  3. Freedom Fighters

    Freedom Fighters

    The questionable logic of freeing criminals who win fights notwithstanding, the Hell's Divide-based Freedom Fighters tournaments are a galactic mainstay. Copyright © Servus Venandi. All rights reserved.
  4. Eastern Dance 01

    Eastern Dance 01

    Poser render and Gimp postwork
  5. Fantasma's Gam Attack

    Fantasma's Gam Attack

    My superheroine OC, Fantasma, kicking some ass. Inspired by a picture from the Ascendant RPG.
  6. The Chalk-Skinned Goth

    The Chalk-Skinned Goth

    Rendered by PGandara.
  7. The Battle Pit

    The Battle Pit

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  8. Too confident, mr. Vale

    Too confident, mr. Vale

    A redraw of an old work
  9. Salome vs Herode-Antipas

    Salome vs Herode-Antipas

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