1. old_street_2017.jpg


    "Young lady, you will catch cold, and cause public nuisance!" It's X-Mas Time in the Streets... :-)
  2. Mazoga vs the Colossadon.jpg

    Mazoga vs the Colossadon.jpg

    A fight to the death, or is Mazoga playing with her new pet? DazStudio - iray
  3. Alejandra In the Kitchen.jpg

    Alejandra In the Kitchen.jpg

    I was playing around with some content I hadn't used before, and this just popped into my head DazStudio - iray
  4. Midnight Run.jpg

    Midnight Run.jpg

    Just messing around this week, and this kind of came together DazStudio - iray
  5. SciFi Hallway.jpg

    SciFi Hallway.jpg

    I picked up a new SciFi interior kit and spent most of this last week playing around with it. This is what I threw together after playing around for a week :) DazStudio - iray
  6. Jasmine in the Studio.jpg

    Jasmine in the Studio.jpg

    This one didn't turn out how I thought it would, but I got to a point where I just had to stop. I've been a bit creatively drained lately, maybe that has something to do with not being happy with this one. DazStudio - iray
  7. Alejandra Working The Pole.jpg

    Alejandra Working The Pole.jpg

    Alejandra wanted to show off her skill with the pole ;) DazStudio - iray
  8. 4th of July 2021.jpg

    4th of July 2021.jpg

    It's 4th of July weekend, and some of the girls are just hanging out on the beach DazStudio - iray
  9. A Walk on the Beach.jpg

    A Walk on the Beach.jpg

    I was playing with some new content I picked up, and this just kind of popped into my head. I think Javier might like Alejandra ;) DazStudio - iray
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