1. Jewel riders suspended.jpg

    Jewel riders suspended.jpg

    Commission created by MadPuck
  2. Team Plasma captives

    Team Plasma captives

    Artwork created by knightdreams22
  3. Theti and Tiya prisoners.jpg

    Theti and Tiya prisoners.jpg

    Artwork created by BadPuck
  4. Theti and Tiya hostages.jpg

    Theti and Tiya hostages.jpg

    Artwork created by ranggel0023
  5. Milly and Tamiya prisoners.png

    Milly and Tamiya prisoners.png

    Artwork created by DarkPilcrow
  6. kneeling at an open grave.jpg

    kneeling at an open grave.jpg

    Forced to kneel at an open grave
  7. being marched off.jpg

    being marched off.jpg

    Commissioned work
  8. tied up.jpg

    tied up.jpg

    Bound topless
  9. Yumi and Aelita prisoners.jpg

    Yumi and Aelita prisoners.jpg

    Artwork created by Hykaru-chan
  10. Kunoichis captured.jpg

    Kunoichis captured.jpg

    Artwork developed by R0ckyStar
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