1. Ronce and the Sultan

    Ronce and the Sultan

  2. Safety rule number two

    Safety rule number two

  3. Urban exploration gone wrong

    Urban exploration gone wrong

  4. 500


    A mandatory "500 followers" for another website. Made me think of checking how many I had here. 148, not bad at all. Thank you all.
  5. Black market 1

    Black market 1

  6. Behind the glass

    Behind the glass

    A short story after some of the lock-downs have been lifted (temporarily) The belt is a freebie from Noone102000 at DeviantArt, but it comes unrigged. So I rigged it before using, even though the rigging of the rings on the side is not even visible :)
  7. Body art 4

    Body art 4

    A different scenery for her, did she get lost in the big city?
  8. The chair

    The chair

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