1. The Family Slave

    The Family Slave

    Caitlyn's life changes forever when she is forced to live with her Aunt and Uncle.
  2. Wedding Day.png

    Wedding Day.png

    Stephanie had imagined flowers, speeches, dancing. When the day finally arrived, she wouldn't see anything, speak or dance at all.
  3. Freedom Fighters

    Freedom Fighters

    The questionable logic of freeing criminals who win fights notwithstanding, the Hell's Divide-based Freedom Fighters tournaments are a galactic mainstay. Copyright © Servus Venandi. All rights reserved.
  4. Everyday life 02

    Everyday life 02

  5. Prisonettes Dilemma Cover 0formant0_

    Prisonettes Dilemma Cover 0formant0_

    Cover for Melissa Duvant novel "Prisonette's Dilemma"
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