1. (Preview) The D-Maze

    (Preview) The D-Maze

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  2. Reluctance


  3. The Goblin Slave

    The Goblin Slave

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  4. Disguised


    Would you think she's a bounty hunter?
  5. Who needs John Wick?

    Who needs John Wick?

    Fetish models can easily get into any club, and they can get close to any target... BOOM
  6. Page 177 what are you going to do to me?

    Page 177 what are you going to do to me?

    Thomas Tergel’s Obedience School: The Machine
  7. Sniper Pose

    Sniper Pose

  8. Blood Assassin

    Blood Assassin

    Character for a Star Wars based RPG
  9. His new purchase

    His new purchase

  10. Arlene's Boyfriend (2)

    Arlene's Boyfriend (2)

    Fantasy based on the true story that actually happened to me
  11. Alexander's Spoils of War

    Alexander's Spoils of War

  12. Bad Santa and his naughty Girls

    Bad Santa and his naughty Girls

  13. Katnis-Fetish-detail-up.jpg


    The mroph is a mix of Jennifer Lawrence and Scarlet Johansen
  14. Commando-Soldier


  15. Misty Morning Girl

    Misty Morning Girl

    Still experimenting with the hammer girl ;-)
  16. The Cyberprison Empress

    The Cyberprison Empress

    "Empress" is the highest rank within the inmates of the prison. The Empress is responsible to keep all others in line, she is the one that gets punished if any other prisoner misbehaves. Of course, she then may forward that punishment ;)
  17. Cyberpunk Joytoy

    Cyberpunk Joytoy

    Inspired by the dark and rough world of Cyberpunk
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