1. Heat wave

    Heat wave

  2. Relax


    I don't bite...
  3. Anouk-2


  4. Blue


    Another close-up. The hair looked promising and fun, but is not suitable for close-ups.
  5. For the kind people

    For the kind people

    "So here it is, the picture of my pussy."
  6. That ass 2

    That ass 2

    A different point of view, ass I keep testing Genesis 8.1 skin.
  7. 8.1 eyes

    8.1 eyes

    A close-up render of the Victoria 8.1 HD eyes. No post work done. Some artifacts on the tear inside on both sides, some discoloration on the tear outer end of the left eye (right for the viewer). Not too bad I think.
  8. Honey 2021

    Honey 2021

    A reworked version of my Kinktober 2018 entry in DA. New Genesis 8.1 pbr skin, same light and render settings, same post work with Nik tools. Only kept the color saturation up for the whole image.
  9. That ass

    That ass

    One good asspect of genesis 8.1 is Viktoria's skin at close range. (Yes, pun intended!)
  10. Up close, real close 2020

    Up close, real close 2020

    An older close-up, redone with the knowledge from now.
  11. Julia


    My entry for the Eléa challenge
  12. up close

    up close

    Fresh out of the machine
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