1. The Wedding

    The Wedding

    My take for challenge.
  2. Redhead in the Red Room

    Redhead in the Red Room

    Asian Mistress with her white slavegirl
  3. Responsibilities 1

    Responsibilities 1

  4. Inequity


    TS 0005 - Testing some props by Noone102000 I installed. Making images with minimum assets (many will recognize the base G8 model and the Toulouse hair) is sometimes frustrating and sometimes pleasantly challenging.
  5. Display shelf

    Display shelf

    So, I installed DAZ Studio on my new laptop. No assets yet, and they'll be installed very slowly as I intend to build manually my own asset library and categories. So, expect basic new images for the times being. Fortunately, I still have two-three weeks worth of older ones to publish.
  6. Prisonettes Dilemma Cover 0formant0_

    Prisonettes Dilemma Cover 0formant0_

    Cover for Melissa Duvant novel "Prisonette's Dilemma"
  7. Tape Slut

    Tape Slut

    Keep her quiet and out of the way.
  8. Cube #2

    Cube #2

    https://www.patreon.com/desertlion3d Different bondage for each cube. How many cubes can she endure?.... Errr, the better question is probably "how many can I think of?" https://www.deviantart.com/desertlion3d/gallery/77291288/the-cube
  9. Roxette Down

    Roxette Down

    This is my OC, Roxette Emerson.
  10. cadet duty.jpg

    cadet duty.jpg

  11. Kim 1

    Kim 1

    Kim and her sister in trouble
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