1. Karen-0001


    Yes, Ma'am, my body is at your disposal. I will obey your wishes with no limitations whatsoever. I can stand pain for quite a while and I am well trained in providing pleasure to my users.
  2. Sissy Chandelier.jpg

    Sissy Chandelier.jpg

  3. Charge - Blender Open Movie

    Charge - Blender Open Movie

    CHARGE is an open movie, made entirely with Blender. Get the production files, assets and exclusive making-of videos by joining Blender Studio
  4. Blair_Portrait.jpg


    New character for the next series. Just practicing the portrait, more to come. Enjoy!
  5. Elea


    Well I'm probably a bit late, but just saw this challenge and wanted to try it :) So here's my try. I'm eager to fight the uncanny valley, but still not close enough. Any ideas to get better appreciated :) Genesis 8 Female base mesh, with nearly everything else done in blender 2.92 :)
  6. hall romper (animation)

    hall romper (animation)

    watch animation here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_h72Nr3qwc&ab_channel=SaphireNishi programs used: unreal engine affinity photo daz studio 3ds max blender motion builder marvelous deisgner djv_view
  7. Invitations 02

    Invitations 02

    Same as the other render, with clothes obviously. Just posting to keep everything in one place.
  8. Invitations


    Working with Blender cloth sim, skin shader work, sculpting, and learning Affinity Photo for post processing. Feedback welcome, good or bad.
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