1. Princess Kaaya prisoner.jpg

    Princess Kaaya prisoner.jpg

    Request created by knightdreams22
  2. Raven relaxing.jpg

    Raven relaxing.jpg

    Request created by Lighting-Prime1
  3. Alya punished.jpg

    Alya punished.jpg

    Artwork created by Cococutebandicoot
  4. Clothes That Vanish Quickly Without A Trace

    Clothes That Vanish Quickly Without A Trace

    And people said her costume wasn't very stealthy. :P Rendered by PGandara.
  5. Yumi angry.png

    Yumi angry.png

    Artwork created by Gregory-GID-DID
  6. Dat Alien Ass Relaxed

    Dat Alien Ass Relaxed

    …What? Before she came to Earth, the only beds Zenith Woman got to enjoy were medical beds. Now, she's getting all the relaxation on them that she can. lol Drawn beautifully by Cyberkitten01.
  7. Aelita prisoner.png

    Aelita prisoner.png

    Artwork created by tenorjoane
  8. Aelita afraid.png

    Aelita afraid.png

    Art by an anonymous artist
  9. Relaxing session.jpg

    Relaxing session.jpg

    Artwork created by pendabertilla
  10. Anthea tied by Aelita.jpg

    Anthea tied by Aelita.jpg

    Artwork developed by Tonynoob
  11. Some reading before going to sleep

    Some reading before going to sleep

  12. Invitations 02

    Invitations 02

    Same as the other render, with clothes obviously. Just posting to keep everything in one place.
  13. Invitations


    Working with Blender cloth sim, skin shader work, sculpting, and learning Affinity Photo for post processing. Feedback welcome, good or bad.
  14. Just a Peek

    Just a Peek

    Daz -> Blender -> Rendered in Cycles, no postwork. Hair was done in Blender using particles, happy with how that turned out. As always, there are some things I could improve, but time to move on. Hope you enjoy!
  15. Jessie - Close Up

    Jessie - Close Up

    Second render of Jessie sleeping in. Rendered in Blender cycles with a LUT applied in Gimp. Lots of shaping and sculpting, look forward to improving those skills.
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