1. Girl talk

    Girl talk

  2. Hip-Hop Hanoi Honey

    Hip-Hop Hanoi Honey

    Bound Vietnamese girl in 1980s style clothes.
  3. Waiting for the Auction

    Waiting for the Auction

    Foreign Ports
  4. Asian Beuaties

    Asian Beuaties

    Many different Daz characters
  5. Foot Massage

    Foot Massage

    Slavegirl tends to her Mistress's sore feet.
  6. Welcome Home, master (Revised)

    Welcome Home, master (Revised)

    Made a few changes to the original to see if it was an improvement.
  7. Mei's World

    Mei's World

    Laundry Slut
  8. 140 held the whip.jpg

    140 held the whip.jpg

    Thomas Tergel’s Obedience School: Alarm Clocks
  9. Milky bath

    Milky bath

  10. obedience school.jpg

    obedience school.jpg

    Thomas Tergel's Obedience School is READY!
  11. Page 599 Ming pulls down her panties.jpg

    Page 599 Ming pulls down her panties.jpg

    Ming pulls down her panties in preparation to be punished with the belt.
  12. Morning Glory NSFWs.jpg

    Morning Glory NSFWs.jpg

  13. Morning Glory SFWs.jpg

    Morning Glory SFWs.jpg

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