Our mission

A new home for artists who no longer want to be tamed by sites that have little understanding of erotic art and would rather delete content than communicate with the artists, while avoiding the stigma of being a “porn site”. As we are European based, we may have a wider conception of mature content.

The first idea of an alternative site for adult art started in the beginning of 2018, when censorship flourished, and specific groups targeted anything they did not like, especially adult art.
New websites emerged, made with the same enthusiasm we have, the same drive. And yet, they disappeared, or remain relatively unknown.
We can only speculate what the reasons are. And try to avoid what caused it. Because we intend to stay.

What we do know, is that a website merely showing adult art is not enough; it needs a community feel.
A place to share art, but also to exchange ideas and techniques, teach others.


Fast forward to 2020. Some of us had an Eclipse, others had total darkness.
And it was time to bring our idea to live: artuntamed.com

Our keywords: community, quality, consensus.

Maybe start with quality first. We like quality. Instead of just watching images, or reading erotic stories, we also like to admire how it’s made.
The technique, the writing style, those tiny details that makes a work stands out.
Enough to encourage other artist to reach the same level. Supported by a welcoming community.

Did we mention community? We believe creating adult art bonds people. Especially when society is once again trying to push the genre into obscurity.
And by helping other artists improve, we can strengthen that bond.

Why consensus? Because we need to have consensus amongst the community. We have to agree on the content, the quality.
That is why we have laid out the basics. And it is up to you to decide if your work fits this website.


We feel that some subjects may not be for everyone, while others have no place on our website.
We have a (paid) feature to create Private Albums, where the not-for-everyone art can be uploaded and shared with specific members of ArtUntamed.


ArtUntamed is meant for adults only. That is already stated on the welcome page with the age verification. From then on, everyone can view the gallery with moderate erotic content.

Do you wish to see less moderate content, or even contribute to the gallery, you can register for free and get access to the larger site’s gallery, create your own gallery and contribute your work, including literature and join our community.

Should you find the limitations for a free membership too strict, you can upgrade to a paid membership, which allows you to larger upload sand many more features, including the creation of Private albums.

Please visit our Membership page for more information about the features.

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